Autoresponder – Day 2 – 30 Days To Build A List


Yesterday you figured out what you wanted to use for your lead magnet and got it all set up. Today we’ll be talking about setting up and using your autoresponder.

If you missed Day 1 – Lead Magnet you can find it right here!

An autoresponder is an email service provider that supplies a database for storing your prospects emails and providing your opt-in forms. They also allow you to queue emails to be sent to your prospects when you specify.

This is one of the most important tools to any business and your list will likely be your main source of income down the line.

From now on you will be doing less reading and taking more action! You taking action is going to be the only reason you are successful. There are many guides, courses, tutorials on how to be successful in this line of work, but if you do not put the effort it then it’s not going to work for you.

Ok, let’s your autoresponder set up.

Things start to get just a little technical when setting up an autoresponder but it’s possible with a little patience. I will be suggesting just one mail service, MailChimp, but there are many others available. Aweber and Getresponse are just two of them.

I suggest MailChimp simply because they allow you to gather 2000 contacts before paying a monthly subscription. This is great when you’re just starting out, but they do limit you to 12000 emails per month. If you manage to grow your list significantly in the first couple of weeks, this could be a problem.

When you surpass 2000 contacts their plans are quite expensive, but they do offer fairly reliable support. But as I said, if you’re just starting out, 2000 leads is a goal and it will take work to get there.

So, go sign up to MailChimp and follow their instructions to getting your first list set up.

Your list should be based on the lead magnet you created yesterday.

Let’s take our example from one of yesterdays. You’re in used car sales and your report was titled ‘The Top 10 Faults To Look For When Buying Used Cars.’

You would name your list in MailChimp as something like ‘Top 10 Faults Buying Used Cars.’

The important thing is that you recognise which autoresponder campaign goes with the correct list.

If you start sending out an autoresponder for used cars to a list that is primarily filled with dog lovers, you’re going to start attracting unwanted spam ratings.

Autoresponder Homework:

Your assignment for today is simply to choose an autoresponder. If you go with MailChimp, great. You just need to wait for Day 3 of the training.

If you’re not sure about MailChimp, again, there are plenty of companies who can supply you with the proper autoresponder services, just be aware that most of them charge, after a trial, a set price per month up to certain amount of contacts. Once you exceed that limit, they will prompt you to upgrade which will obviously cost more per month.

Good luck, and just know that whichever autoresponder service you choose makes no difference, they all provide pretty much the same services. Again, I only suggest MailChimp because of their offer of 2000 contacts before charging a fee.

You can find Day 3 of 30 Days To Build a List right here!

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