Facebook Ads – Day 9 – 30 Days To Build A List

facebook ads day 9

Today I’m going to talk about the first paid service I will suggest to you and that is Facebook ads. I’ve been trying to keep this as low cost as possible, but paid ads are a really great way of grabbing new leads.

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If you’re strapped for cash, don’t worry too much. Instead of going through todays lesson you should spend some time sharing your article and video content around social media again.

You should also start writing out a new article. If money is an issue for ads, then you need to pump out more content. The more content you have around the internet, the more leads you will gain.

What you need to know about Facebook ads

By now you have seen adverts all over the internet, they are not new. Facebook generates most of their money by offering Facebook ads to their users. You can’t miss them; on the sidebar of your news feed, in the videos you scroll through and even taking up space in your news feed.

There are currently over 2 billion active accounts on Facebook. That is an enormous number of people. While you’re never going to reach all 2 billion of those people, you can still influence tens of thousands into opting into your squeeze pages.

Facebook allow you to be pretty specific with what kind of people you want to reach when using their ad system. You can specify location, gender, age and interests. Depending on your niche, interests will be the most important factor here.

If you’re sending out Facebook ads targeted specifically for the audience you created your product for then you know everyone who should see it, is seeing it. Once these people see your ad and click through you want them to land on your squeeze page.

For up-to-date instructions on how to set up your Facebook ads you can check out their support page – https://www.facebook.com/business/help?

They walk you through every step. If you’re feeling a little worried about doing this, don’t be. These lessons and Facebook’s support are made to be as easy as possible to follow. Facebooks ads really are a great way of getting your squeeze page out there, so this is definitely worth spending some time to get right.

Here are some tips for your first Facebook ads:

Paid ads are just like squeeze pages, in that some will do better than others. It’s really important that you try out different ad designs. Even though the ad will still offer the same product, you should try out a couple of different images and change out the copy.

Once you’re ads have been going out for a few days you can begin to monitor how successful they are going to be.

Leaving them for at least a few days is pretty important.

It will give Facebook a chance to properly circulate your ad, and it will also give your target audience enough time to see it around their newsfeed.

Any time you do Facebook ads, or any paid ads really, you will need to frequently check back to see how the results are doing. If you notice one is doing considerably better than the other, you can alter things to see if they improve.

The important statistics you need to look for are how much your are paying, the number of impressions your ad is receiving and how many people are actually clicking through to your squeeze page.

If you feel you are paying to much for impressions and getting no clicks then, again, you need to fiddle with the details of your advert.

Some different copy and a new image can completely change the influence your ad has on a person.

Playing around with your daily budget can also be a great way to discern whether an ad design is going to work in the long run. You can start off with lower bid allowances and work your way up. Once you start seeing some conversions leave it at that for a while and see what happens.

You should note that you can pause or cancel Facebook ads whenever you see fit. If you feel that the cost is outweighing the results, feel free to stop them or even just lower your bid.

Remember to check your new insights when you do change the budget. When you alter something, the statistics will reflect that change. If the change is good, then you’re onto a winner.

The general idea here is to think like a marketer. You want to target a very specific audience that matches your product or service niche. You want to be able to offer them what they want to see and convince them to buy, or opt-in, over time.

Don’t target too broad an audience. This is very likely to kill the chances your Facebook ads have of gaining traction.

Now you know a little about Facebook ads and you have Facebook’s easy-to-follow instructions, go ahead and create your first ads. Just remember to let them run for at least 3 days or the data you get won’t be too accurate. If you can let them run for a week, checking their progress as you go.

Facebook Ads Assignment:

Create your first Facebook ads with the traffic directed to your squeeze page. Monitor your results and watch your email list grow!

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