First Post – Day 5 – 30 Days To Build A List

first post day 5

Today will be the day you write your first post and begin to drive traffic through it to your squeeze page!

If you missed Day 4 – Squeeze Page you can find it right here!

If you’ve got this far, you’re doing great! Keep up the hard work!

As you go through the rest of this process and do the steps given to you each day, you’ll be able to sit and watch your list grow and grow. The key here is consistency.

Your first post, or any post for that matter, needs to be of a high-quality. It’s going to draw in your target audience. This way they read your post and they see your lead magnet. If your post is exciting, it is likely that more people will click that lead magnet in your first post and opt-in to your form!

It only takes one really well-written article to bring in traffic from all over, and sometimes for years to come. Make sure that you work hard on your first post, first impressions do mean a lot, after all.

If you’re not comfortable writing your own content, there are plenty of people out there who would be happy to do it for you. For a price, of course.

Just make absolutely sure that you are happy with what they have written for you. Before you pay. I’ll give you a couple of outsourcing options here:

I would suggest that you not just go straight to Fiverr and pay $5 for your first post. Or, again, any post for that matter. I don’t mean to say you should go and pay $100, but hiring someone for just $5 is just asking for trouble. Between $10 and $30 will get you a great piece of writing for your first post.

It’s very likely that the person who only charges $5 either isn’t that great at writing, isn’t really interested or will not give you enough revisions to be sure that your content is as great as it should be. Or all three.

I would recommend for your first post that you write a Top List post. These always do really well with all audiences, they are easy to read and most importantly, they are interesting. Here are some example titles:

  • The 5 Things Every Blog Post Should Have
  • The Top 10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog
  • 18 Destinations You Absolutely Must See Before You Die
  • The Top 5 Ways To Ensure Conversions
  • The Top 6 Holiday Destinations To Take Your Children

If you get stuck for ideas you can search the internet. There are millions of blogs, magazines, forums and even YouTube is great for idea gathering. Your niche would determine your search phrases.

All of the people writing for those blogs and websites want their content to be read. They are going to try to make it as exciting as you will for your first post. So, if you’re stuck it is a great way to come up with ideas.

The image in your post is almost as important as great content.

Like I said earlier, with any piece of content you create, or post, it is meant to draw peoples attention. One of the things that really grab peoples attention right from the start is a great image.

If you don’t have, or can’t create, your own images there are several websites that offer royalty-free photographs for anyone to download. They really have some amazing photos too. Here are a couple of examples:

There are also some really good free image creation tools out there. I personally use quite a bit. It’s really easy to use, just point and click, and you can upload your own images to use.

Having an image in your post is really important for getting your content shared. An image is eye catching and will make people read the text above it. This means that there is more chance they will click through, read and then come back to share to their friends.

First Post Assignment:

Do your research on your chosen topic, and then go ahead and write an amazing first post. If you get it written for you, that’s fine just don’t be afraid to ask for revisions if you are not completely happy with it. Create an image to insert into your post, or as the feature picture.

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