Follow Up Emails- Day 3 – 30 Days To Build A List

follow up emails

You have created your first list by now, even if it is still empty. It’s already day 3 and we’re ready to move on to follow up emails.

If you missed Day 2 – Autoresponder you can find it right here!

So, by now you have decided which autoresponder you wish to use and have already set up an account with them. If you remember, I suggested MailChimp, simply because they offer 2000 contacts before charging you a monthly fee.

At this point, you’re probably really excited to actually start filling up your list with contacts. However, there are two things we have to cover first. This will maximize your revenue so it’s well worth it.

Today, we’re going to set up our follow up emails and insert them into our autoresponder. Don’t worry, it’s fairly easy once you’re written them out. Just for today we’re going to set up 5 follow up emails.

This may seem like a lot, but believe me, when you’re trying to convince someone to buy or opt-in they can think of many reasons not to. You have to convince them.

Your first 5 emails won’t be too difficult.

You basically just want to inform your growing list who you are, what you do and what mail they can expect to receive from you. This is very important.

People who receive emails they are not interested in will remove themselves from your list, and possibly report your account for spam. So, let’s be sure that anyone who signs up knows what they’re in for.

One more thing about your first emails, this is were you are going to give out your ‘first impressions’ to a potential customer. They will get to know you, how you write and the topics you like to talk about.

This will allow you to send them further marketing emails without them thinking you’re spamming them. Spam, after all is just your perception of what that person is selling. If what you offer is interesting to your list, they will engage with your post, and maybe even buy.

Now, just remember, once you have written out these 5 emails and scheduled them for posting, that is you finished.  Your emails will go out to anyone who signs up to your list, assuming all of the conditions are met.

So, you write 5 follow up emails.

They are sent automatically when someone visits your website and opts in to one of your forms. The best thing is that it will continue for years to come, unless you stop it. Hands-free money is good, right?

Ok, you’re probably trying to decide what you should write for those 5 emails now. It’s easy, but will take just a little time.

Your first email should describe who you are, what your website is built for and what you want your consumers to learn.

It is imperative here that you include how many emails you will send to your contacts per month. Once you have told them there can be no surprises and they will not remove themselves from your list for spamming them.

As an example, I send out a weekly email called ‘Free Weekly Updates,’ but I also send out promotional emails whenever I have something I think my contacts will like. I told every single one of them this before I sent out any further emails.

If your consumers know what they can expect then you will have no problems.

After your first email, which introduces you, the next couple of your emails should contain something that is of value to your consumers, with no cost. You cannot sell something to someone without first offering something of value, for free.

Once you get to your 3rd or 4th email then you can start to promote your own products or services. Your product should obviously be something relevant to your list, and something they could use or even promote themselves.

You’ll be surprised by, as your list grows, how many people will come across your autoresponder email and click your link to buy directly from you. And let me tell you, it is THE most exciting experience. Just knowing that something you wrote made someone interested enough to buy, or even just to opt-in. It’s a great feeling.

Remember that whatever you’re selling, you need to link it into your last couple of emails. There is no point promoting if you do not give your consumers the opportunity to buy.

Once your emails are set up with your autoresponder then all you need to do is wait. Your emails will send themselves to anyone who signs up to your list. Congratulations!

Follow Up Assignment:

Your assignment today is to write out those 5 follow up emails. It can be less, but don’t let it drop below 3. You are after all trying to convince people to buy from you. If all of your emails are on topic and interesting to your prospects, you will do well.

This is a really simple assignment but is very important. A great piece of advice to consider is to check the email lists you yourself have signed up for.

If you’re still signed up for a list, that means it’s doing something you like. Learn from their email campaigns, even their blog, and implement it into your own campaigns.

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