Forum Traffic – Day 11 – 30 Days To Build A List

forum traffic day 11

Forum traffic is one of the oldest forms of gathering traffic out there. It’s also still one of the best. Every niche has its forums out there. Some of them will be huge, others will be small but really active. You will also find some dead ones. You really want to avoid the dead ones.

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The people in those forums are out there looking for information. Or they’re out there looking to give information. Either way, this is great for you.

Forum traffic is generated a little bit differently. You definitely want people to see your link, but you really shouldn’t just go and paste it on every forum post you can find. These people are looking for information, they do not want to see a ‘buy me’ link every 30 seconds.

You will put your link into your forum ‘signature’. You will find mostly all of the top forums give the option to have a signature. This is where you will place your link to your squeeze page.

The way to go about marketing on a forum is to simply answer people’s questions or concerns. The intent here is to make you a mini-authority in your niche. People become comfortable with seeing your name. They become used to you giving out sound feedback or advice, and this will make them curious enough to click your link.

You need patience to generate forum traffic

You are going to make 10 posts today. Yes, 10 posts. You don’t have to make them new posts. But, go answer 10 questions and concerns. Even suggest ways in which a person could improve themselves when moving forward in your niche.

The possibilities here are endless, since you will be reading what other people are writing and giving your feedback. Go for the hottest topics on the forum. Look for recent posts, replies and concerns. Bringing back ‘dead’ forum posts is frowned upon so still to the latest.

The great thing about forum traffic is that it only takes one top forum and you could generate traffic for years, providing your presence and authority stay high. Give your valuable advice and people will reach out to you.

Forum Traffic Assignment:

Get on Google, Yahoo, or Bing and search the internet for forums in your niche. Set up your account, making sure to add your squeeze page link into your signature. Make 10 posts on your chosen forum by replying to popular threads. You should do this every day, 5-10 times per day. It doesn’t take long and is a reliable source of traffic. If you find you need more posts, find another forum and sign up there. Rinse and repeat. 10 posts per day is 300 posts per month. Add an extra forum and that is 600 places per month where you link is ready to be clicked.

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