Guest Blogging – Day 13 – 30 Days To Build A List

Guest Blogging - day 13

Guest blogging is another great way to get your content noticed. It’s also a great way of getting backlinks that lead to your website, which will increase your search rankings.

The fact that you immediately reach an established audience who are interested in your topic is priceless.

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What is guest blogging?

That’s simple! Guest blogging is where you reach out to other blog owners and ask them if they would be willing to post up one of your articles on their own blog.

It doesn’t matter what you write about, as long as it’s in the right niche. Most blog owners will be more than happy to post your article.

It helps them by giving their audience new, unique and great content.

This is great for both you and the blog owner.

Finding blogs you can contact for guest blogging is easy. Simply jump on a search engine and look for ‘guest blogging’. To find more something specific just add your niche to the end of the search term.

For example:

  • Guest blogging in technology
  • Guest blogging for veterans, etc.

Some other search terms you could use are (include your niche term):

  • Contributing writers for
  • Want to write for
  • Guest posts by
  • Submit blog post.

To get you started, however, here’s a list of 50+ quality blogs that accept guest posts.

Create your high-value content

So, you have searched out some blogs that you’re interested in guest blogging for. Great!

Now you need to create a really great piece of content for your niche.

You should put at least as must time and effort into this as you would for an article for your own blog. Probably more, since you need to please their audience.

If their audience isn’t happy with it, they’re not going to let you do another guest post.

The exact topic doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s in your niche and it is valuable.

Once you have completed creating your piece of content reach out and contact at least 5 blog owners.

It is likely that you will be waiting a day or so for a reply from each of them, but be patient.

If your content is good they will most likely get back to you in the affirmative.

If for some reasons one of your contacts does not respond, simply pick another and contact them.

Don’t forget your author bio when guest blogging for the first time

Your author bio is how the blog owners audience is going to get used to seeing you, learning what you’re all about and more importantly, it’s where you are going to place the link to your squeeze page. Don’t forget this!

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Guest Blogging Assignment:

Create an unforgettable piece of content, reach out to at least 5 blog owners who are inclined to accept guest posts. If they use your posts, great. If not simply contact a few more!