Lead Magnet – Day 1 – 30 Days To Build A List

Lead Magnet

Day 1: The Lead Magnet

So, you’re starting up a new business venture. You’re ready to start pumping out content. The most critical thing to get set up first is a lead magnet for list building.

If you have already created a lead magnet you can find Autoresponder – Day 2 right here!

It can never be too early to start on a list of contacts, they will be the lifeblood of your business, after all.

The lead magnet is what you are going to use to entice people into giving you their contact details. People aren’t so eager to share their name and email with just anyone on the net anymore. So, we create something to catch their attention and convince them to sign up.

A lead magnet could be one of many things, but whatever you choose it must look and feel exciting. If you can make it stand out people will be happy to opt-in to your list.

Here are 5 fantastic examples of lead magnets you could try:

1. Short Training Video Lead Magnet

Recording videos when you’re just starting out can be a daunting experience. If you can master that fear, however, video is a very good way of creating prospects and collecting their contact details.

Your lead magnet could simply be a 2 minute video showing your audience how to perform a specific action or how to properly use your product. It could even be as simple your voice over  slides you have created beforehand.

The production and editing times on these types of video is usually very short and pumping out a few at a time should be easy enough.

Check out these 3 free screen capture programs:
  1. Monosnap Monosnap comes with a few special features, most importantly desktop screen and audio recording. To make use of the free cloud storage space they offer you’ll need to create a free account.
  2. TinyTake TinyTake is another free screen capture program that will record both video and audio. You must create an account to download but the product is free.
  3. Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder Again, a free screen capture program for taking videos from your desktop. Can also be set to include audio. Can be downloaded through CNet for free, with the option of paid extensions.

If you’re not comfortable using the screen capture tools above you could use your phone! A lot of people are now doing ‘selfie’ lead magnet videos and they really work.

Remember: the hardest part about getting into video creation is the very beginning. Once you have a couple under your belt it becomes easy. You can then start making more detailed videos to promote your main product or services. We’ll go into more detail about this in a few days.

2. Top Tips Report Lead Magnet

This lead magnet is fairly easy to set up and they usually work well. All you need to do is pick a topic and create a piece of content detailing why they are your top 10.

The topic of your top tips report will depend on your niche, but here’s an example:

You’re in used car sales and you’re offering.. used cars. You write a report on ‘The Top 10 Faults To Look For When Buying Used Cars’ and share it with a short preview to your friends and their families.

For someone interested in buying a used car for their eldest’s first your post would immediately grab their attention. Once you have their attention they are more likely to give you their email address to get access to the full report.

The ones who aren’t looking to buy will most likely share your post because they have friends that are. Your post would immediately grab their attention because they want to ensure the safety of their friends children.

The main thing here, as with all marketing, is that the problem your audience has is the one you’re trying to solve.

Here’s another example. You’re a vet, offering free canine care to anyone in the area. To get people interested in your business you could write a report titled ‘The Top 8 Foods To Ensure Your Dogs Stay Healthy’.

Dogs are a part of a millions of families, everywhere. There are also a lot of canine kennels where dogs need care. A report like this would most likely attract a massive amount of engagement. Including people happy to give you their contact details.

A report like this can be written in just 2-4 hours and while the topic may depend on your chosen niche, the set up will be the same.

3. Webinar Lead Magnet

Webinars serve as a powerful sales tool, but like the training videos can be quite daunting to get into. The great thing about webinars is the fact that you can answer your audiences questions as they ask them.

This is great for keeping people interested in your video and will make them more likely to enter their email address below the video.

With this lead magnet, once you know your topic, all you need to do is set a date and spend your time driving traffic to the registration page. Depending on your chosen webinar host you may even have affiliates of the program to assist in driving traffic.

If you’re looking for a free webinar host you can check out Google Hangouts. It’s free and is in wide-use. With the webinar, again, make sure you know your audience and that you choose the right topic.

4. E-Coaching Lead Magnet

E-coaching lessons make a great lead magnet. Especially if you send out the lessons in an email campaign. This strategy will ensure that your contacts remain in the habit of jumping to open your emails. They’ll recognise your name in their inbox and that is good for future campaigns.

Create your lessons, or even use someone else’s, and break them down into workable pieces. Yes, you can find pre-written lessons and use those to generate leads. You can send out those pieces as emails to your contacts every day, or week, through your auto-responder.

We’ll talk about the auto-responder tomorrow.

5. Interview Lead Magnet

The interview lead magnet is great for getting temporary access to someone else’s prospects. Research someone who has good authority and is likely to be recognisable in your niche, then reach out and ask them for an interview.

You’ll be surprised how often people will accept without much persuasion on your part. All it takes is 20-30 minutes of their time and they are happy because their list is getting content.

They will share your interview to their contacts and it’s very likely you’ll pick up a few leads for yourself.

Lead Magnet Homework:

Now you’ve got enough information to start putting together your very own lead magnet. You don’t need to be a top designer to do this, just dig straight in and see what you come up with. Get creative.

You can go back and perfect it later if needs be. If you put too much ‘perfectionism’ into it at this point you will just burn yourself out. Good luck!

You can find Day 2 of 30 Days To Build A List – Auto-responder right here

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