Promotion – Day 6 – 30 Days To Build A List

promotion day 6

Once you have your first post all set up and posted on your website, it’s time for what is one of the most important parts of building a list; promotion! If you already have social media accounts set up, today is going to be a breeze for you. But if you don’t, it’s going to take a little time but the effort is worth it.

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Social media platforms are the greatest way to get free promotion!

Having people share your great content is an amazing source of promotion. With social media if even one person shares your post; that is potentially an extra few hundred people who will see your content!

Depending on your target audience the average size of a friends list (just on Facebook) is around 700; that means 1 person sharing your post is potentially 700 more views and you didn’t have to do anything more.

Ok! So let’s get onto promotion!

You will need an account with all the major social media platforms; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, at the very least. There are many more out there, but these 5 are the biggest and will be a great start. Remember YouTube too, if you’re creating videos!

Once your social media accounts are up and running you need to copy the link to your article and paste it into all of your social media pages. Make sure to include a small piece of text that will initially entice your viewers to click through to your website to read the full post.

Also, be sure to check the previews that pop-up when you first paste your link, and before you click send. Most social media platforms will pull the image from your post and preview that with the name of your website below. This is enough for your promotion!

If you’re using a plugin that automatically posts to your social media accounts when you publish your post, however, you may need to adjust the previews. The auto-posters will generally just post an actual snippet of your article with the link. You do not want people reading your article before they get to your website. 

Keep in mind that if you have only just created your social media accounts, your initial promotion will be slower but do not let this discourage you. Every business with an online presence had to start in this exact same position. Building up a following isn’t difficult, especially once you’re connected with your friends.

Social media account promotion checklist.

     1. LinkedIn – The LinkedIn platform has been widely forgotten in the past, but it is a fantastic place for your business’ content promotion. LinkedIn is beginning to take over Facebook as the top place to get your content out there, especially in the last year or so.

     2. Facebook – Facebook is a monster of a social media platform with billions of users and an easy to use interface. Facebook is really good for up-and-coming business’ or brands since it’s so easily to connect with people.

When posting to Facebook be sure to check out – – this is a debugger that will show you what your post will look like when shared. Just post your content link into the tool.

     3. Twitter – Twitter is different in the way it does things than the rest, but it has always been a fantastic platform for content promotion. Driving traffic through Twitter is a breeze! As soon as your create your account you can follow anyone. Choose to follow people who are interested in your niche and they will generally follow you too. Gaining viewers has never been so easy!

Make sure you search through and find some big people in your niche. You know, famous personalities, new internet sensations and authors. If you follow these guys, it’s fairly likely they will return the favour.

Twitter have a character limit on their posts so make sure to use an attention grabbing headline along with your image. Also include hashtags! This is becoming more and more important for content promotion. Again, going back to our previous example of used cars then you might use #usedcarfaults #usedcars #usercarbuyers.

     4. Instagram – Largely under-used until the last couple of years, Instagram is a great place for photo and video promotion. It started becoming one of the big social media platforms when mobile photography became a thing and still continues to improve.

It has an easy to use interface and is similar to both Twitter and Facebook in that you have a news feed on your profile. When you post something to Instagram it will appear on your profile where your followers will see it in their own news feed. The only difference is it’s only videos and photos.

Recent statistics say that more and more people are using their mobiles for every day internet use. With social media the percentage of mobile users is staggeringly high. This makes Instagram amazing for promotion since it was designed specifically for mobiles. The desktop, browser-based version came somewhat later, and until recently only allowed for viewing.

You can sign in with your Facebook account for an easier set up.

     5. Pinterest – Pinterest can be a big source of traffic for your website, if used correctly. The key here is to search for a board that is relevant to your topic or niche and post to it. You can also create your own boards to reflect your niche, and allow other people to help grow it.

There are online business’ out there who rely almost entirely on Pinterest for promotion and traffic sourcing.

To get the most of out Pinterest you can check this out –

Promotion Assignment:

If you already have your social media accounts set up and running, this is going to be really easy. Simply post your content from Day to all of them.

If you don’t have accounts already, you’ll need to sign up for each one and create an account. Don’t worry, it’s easy and doesn’t take too long. Once you’ve posted your content promotion, and if you’re looking for something extra to do today. You could begin to research and take notes on your next piece on stellar content. You won’t get traffic without the content.

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