Solo Ads – Day 10 – 30 Days To Build A List

solo ads day 10

Today you should start seeing an increase in traffic to your squeeze page. Hopefully you even made a few new subscribers. Your Facebook ads will still need time to gain traction, though, so today I’ll explain Solo Ads.

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Solo ads are probably the easiest, and quickest, way to get your advert out to the people who actually want to see it.  They are an absolutely fantastic way of building your email list!

This is similar to your Facebook ads but instead of using a social media platform you’re going to reach out to another internet marketer in your niche.

The idea is almost exactly the same, except that your chosen solo ads will send out your email swipe copy to their list. It is very important here that you look around and choose the right solo ads for your niche!

You also want to make sure that the person sending your email has a sizeable list. Don’t pay $50 to have your list sent out to 20 people.

You want your email to go out to, at the very least, a few hundred people. This is because even if every one of those people read your email, only a percentage of them are actually going to convert into leads for you.

If you get anything close to a 30% conversion rate then you’re doing amazing!

Here’s an example of swipe copy you can edit for your own solo ads:

____Swipe Copy____

Subject: Make It Happen With Internet Marketing


Grab this free e-book pack that teaches you how to generate a full-time income in whatever niche you choose.

Discover easy, proven and simple formulas for generating real income through the internet by following along with these step-by-step instructions! You seriously have nothing to lose!

Grab it now while it is still FREE for you!


(Your Name)

____End Swipe____

Your email copy can be as simple as this one, or you can beef it up a little. The above example is great; it’s simple, it’s to the point and it calls the reader to take action by clicking one of those two easily accessible links.

Once you have written out your email swipe copy it’s time to start your search for a solo ads vendor. I have included a few websites that provide solo ads to several different niches. If your niche isn’t listed you can simply google the name of your niche along with solo ads.

There plenty of people out there who are willing to email their list for you, so don’t worry!

Websites where you can find solo ads:

When you have found solo ads that you are happy with be sure to communicate exactly what you want with the person who will be sending out your email. You want to be sure that your email is going out to the right people.

Also, if there are options on what ‘level’ or ‘tier’ of traffic you want to buy you must always choose the top ‘level.’ You want the best traffic possible. For you that would be English speaking countries like the UK, USA, Australia etc.

Solo Ads Assignment:

Create your email swipe copy with clear calls-to-action, search out and find your solo ads provider and pay them to send out your email! If the ad is targeted to the right audience you should start seeing new subscribers fairly quickly!

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