Squeeze Page – Day 4 – 30 Days To Build A List

squeeze page

Today you will be setting up your squeeze page, also known as a landing page.

The whole point of a squeeze page is to ‘squeeze’ information from the people who visit your offers.

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Now, when someone lands on your squeeze page you want to give them only two options.

Those two options are very simple. Your visitor can enter their contact details into your opt-in form and receive your lead magnet. Or they can leave the page.

Your squeeze page needs to look professional but also needs to be fairly simple. Don’t try to overdesign it, or your visitor is likely to become confused and overwhelmed by all the information,

The main elements of your squeeze page should include an attention-grabbing headline. You can use all capitals, bold fonts or colours to highlight certain parts of your squeeze page. You want it to stand out!

When writing your headline be sure to include the benefits that people will receive once they opt-in to your lead magnet.

Going back to our used car example from a couple of days ago, the title might be ‘Discover The Top 10 Faults Used Car Buyers Need To Know Before Buying!’

Below your headline should be a sub-headline. For our example, this would read something like ‘Follow this proven & simple formula for fault finding when buying used cars’

This should intrigue anyone interested in buying a used car and make them opt-in.

Here’s an example squeeze page:

squeeze page

See how you can use different text colours, sizes and images to draw peoples attention to certain parts of your squeeze page? It’s simple, but looks great!

Now you’re probably thinking how to can go about getting your first squeeze page set up. Well, there are plenty of free tools out there for building pages like this.

I’ll name a couple of free ones so you can check them out. I’m not going to suggest just one because everyone is different and these types of tools have different options. The free ones fairly are basic, however. There are a lot of paid page builders too. Choose one that works for you.

If you’re using WordPress, you can search through their plugin library. There are quite a few squeeze page builders in there.

Once you have finished building your squeeze page, you need to insert your opt-in form into it. This is pretty easy to do. If you’re using MailChimp like I suggested, their instructions page is here. If you’re using a different autoresponder you will need to browse their support pages for their instructions.

Your Squeeze Page Is Almost Done, Now To Get Your Link All Over The Internet.

While making your squeeze page was the main thing you need to do today, there is something else you should do before you finish up.

This task is important, no one is going to see your squeeze page if you don’t send your link out to the world. Go through all of your social media accounts, blogs, websites, email signatures and include your link in every single one of those profiles or websites.

This will put your link all over the internet and anyone who checks out your profiles or blogs will see the links. The more people that see your link means more people seeing your page.

Now for the next couple of weeks you want to focus on driving traffic to your squeeze page. It’s entirely possible to run a six figure per year online business with just one simple squeeze page like the one you just set up!

Squeeze Page Assignment:

Based on your lead magnet from Day 1 setup your squeeze page and your autoresponder opt-in form. Once you’ve done that, go through all of your online social media accounts, websites or blogs and include your link once on each page.

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