Content Contest – Day 14 – 30 Days To Build a List

Content Contest - Day 14

A content contest is great for many reasons. They’re short, fun and engaging.

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This makes them especially useful for capturing the attention of potential prospects in the generally short window time you get from social media platforms.

A Content Contest like this also makes a really good lead generator.

I call it a content contest, but the prize can be anything you want. Do try to keep it relevant to your niche, however.

Some examples:

  • a free 2-hour coaching session
  • a product from your store
  • a gift card for any of the big online stores,  or your own store
  • a year-long subscription to one of your services
  • an ebook course on a topic in your niche that you created yourself

A great many people will be enticed to give up their email address to win something they perceive to be of great value. A $100 gift card is a great example.

There are a few online contest tools available but I’m going to suggest just one.

I suggest Rafflecopter because their free plan has absolutely everything you need to create and run unlimited contests.

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Content Contest Assignment:

Choose the prize for your giveaway. Head over to Rafflecopter and create your first contest and then promote it on social media. You could even send it out via email if you already have leads in your list from the previous days.